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PropMe is a West Virginia-based innovative online social betting company. We bring peer-to-peer (P2P) betting platform to market.

We want to create new user experiences for a new audience. Gaming and gambling can be mobile, easy, secure and community based. We bring new ways to play.

We have over 50 years combined gaming and gambling experience in West Virginia.

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PropMe: A Peer-to-Peer Betting Marketplace

PropMe truly stands out as a first-of-its-kind marketplace, built from the ground up to facilitate user-friendly P2P betting – no sportsbook, complicated odds, or DFS rosters. PropMe makes betting easy for new and casual gamblers, as well as seasoned players, through its use of straightforward proposition bets.

PropMe is poised to unlock this largely untapped target audience in the US. To date, studies on the target audience for sports betting have centered on the DFS market, or very early adopters, primarily because of federal restrictions on gambling.

PropMe's efforts are focused on providing exciting, easily-accessible gambling experiences to new players, for example, from eSports and non-traditional sports like drone racing or VR racing leagues.

Key Features of PropMe
One-to-one bettingFind a prop and send it directly to a user. Challenge your friend.
One-to-many bettingCreate a personalized group of bettors to challenge anytime.
MarketplaceSend your prop to the marketplace for others to find and challenge.
TextYourBetFind a prop and send it directly to a user. Challenge your friend.
SideBetFrom our pick 'em contests, send any prop to a friend or your custom betting group.
Geo-locationWe can serve you props based on your location!!! Our venue-based location services connect you with others at the game!
Pick'em Contests
Pick'em Contests is a new feature we launched this year designed for the casual gambler to participate in pick'em contests made up of custom props. We create contests on eSports, traditional and non-traditional sporting events, or any event.
- Here's How It Works:
What’s In It For You?
Pay-Per-Contest (PPC) service gives bar, restaurant, sports clubs or any entity a way to participate in mobile wagering. We’ll pay you a percentage of each contest based the number of contests and players. As our video shows, all you have to do is direct users to your location on our menu. We create the contest, grade the props and provide all the other services like collecting payment and paying out to the winners. It’s a new model. It’s a WIN – WIN.
Frequently Asked Questions
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PropMe Loves E-Sports!

Project Cars Virtual Reality Racing Evening – HUGE SUCCESS!!

Our virtual reality racing event was a huge success! We had over a hundred drivers onsite and thousands participated by either watching onsite or online.

Thank you to Travis Braden Racing who has partnered with PropMe and SaberVR (@SaberVR) to promote our Virtual Reality racing events and competitions throughout the state. Our virtual reality partner SaberVR was a huge hit and their technology was definitely one-of-a-kind for the state of WV.

The event also allowed PropMe, SaberVR, and Braden Racing to form exclusive partnerships to promote and rollout VR racing events in the state of WV. With PropMe’s WV Bar and Restaurant endorsement, this will bring new technology to the state and new revenue opportunities for all parties, include the bar and restaurant owners.


More to follow on the rollout…stay tuned!

Thank you to Cody Tomer - from the The Intelligencer - Wheeling News Register for covering the event.

Article here.

If you'd like to have us run a VR racing event for your bar, restaurant, or event please contact us at: admin@propmellc.com

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